UVA Medical Center 'Ivy Mountain' Master Plan Moves Forward

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former Kluge Chilrdren's Rehab Center former Kluge Chilrdren's Rehab Center

The University of Virginia has an ambitious new plan to ease traffic around the UVA Medical Center.

The architect presented an update on the project to the joint planning and coordination council meeting Thursday.

It essentially moves higher-traffic clinical care offices into Fontaine Research Park.

In order to make room in Fontaine for that move, the orthopedics department will move from its current location in Fontaine Research Park to land on Ivy Road that formerly housed the Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center.

The project, known as “Ivy Mountain,” is still in planning stages, but phase one would co-locate orthopedics doctor’s offices, out-patient surgical suites, and rehab facilities on that property in Albemarle County.

“The project I saw today is outstanding. I was thrilled to see that they've reached out to the neighbors that live behind the project, and I certainly think it will be a big asset to our community,” Diantha McKeel, Albemarle County supervisor, said.

Phases two and three could include redevelopment of the UVA Visitors Center and police department, emergency communications center, and commonwealth court. The property will have walking trails open to the public.

UVA is in the process of hiring an architect for phase one of the project. They hope to pick one in June, and then have the first design plans by this fall.

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