Audiologists to Offer Free Hearing Screenings at Albemarle Co. Library

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Equipment for testing hearing loss (FILE IMAGE) Equipment for testing hearing loss (FILE IMAGE)
Anne Delaney Anne Delaney
Northside Library branch of JMRL (Photo courtesy JMRL / Steve Trumbull) Northside Library branch of JMRL (Photo courtesy JMRL / Steve Trumbull)

Hearing loss can happen at any age and for a number of reasons.

Audiologists at the Advanced Hearing Group in Albemarle County are pushing for people to get screened to help with early detection.

Next week, audiologists are providing free hearing screenings at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

The screenings are very quick, most last less than five minutes. You just wear headphones and listen for the beeps, then raise your hand when you hear them.

“If you're turning up the volume on your television, if you think a lot of people mumble, if you have to ask people repeat themselves, and if you have ringing in your ears that's a sign of hearing loss,” said audiologist Anne Delaney.

If hearing loss is detected, a follow-up appointment will be recommended to see whether it is permanent or temporary loss of hearing and then develop a course of treatment.

Audiologists say hearing loss is often linked to depression and social isolation because people do not want to be in social situations when they have a hard time hearing in loud settings.

Those screenings will start at noon Friday, May 26. No appointment necessary, just stop by the Northside Library any time before 5 p.m.