UVA Working to Protect Watershed

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Dell at the University of Virginia Dell at the University of Virginia
Jeffery Sittler Jeffery Sittler

The University of Virginia is making sure it does its part to protect our water.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and UVA led a walking tour of the Dell Tuesday, May 16.

Dell is an 11 acre park where a stream runs through the center of university grounds.

UVA uses the space designed to help control storm water, improve water quality and lessen the impacts of run off from the university to Meadow Creek.

"Our initial focus is really on the stewardship of our streams and so we want to improve Meadow Creek or on the other side of the watershed here - Morris Creek. So we want to improve those to the point that you're not afraid if you want to go down and wade in the stream that’s there’s something there that shouldn't be there," said Associate Director of Environmental Resources Jeffery Sittler.

The stream on university grounds ultimately leads to the Chesapeake Bay.

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