Charlottesville City Council to Review Race Commission's Suggestions

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City Council meeting City Council meeting

Monday night, Charlottesville City Council will take a look at recommendations for preserving history in the city.

The Blue Ribbon Commission recommends 10 items related to race, memorials and public spaces. Council's agenda includes looking into the Daughters of Zion cemetery and Vinegar Hill Community, as well as providing more in-depth courses on African-American and Native-American history in Charlottesville city schools.

“It's going to be a continuation of the education that our city is gonna get on our history, racial history, the bad and the good. Of course, we're always hoping we're heading in the good direction," City Councilor Bob Fenwick said.

Council will review the recommendations and make changes. Some of the recommendations could be implemented in a matter of days, while others would take several years to complete.