Albemarle Co. Police: Driver Clipped Cruiser with Passenger Inside

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Albemarle Police Car Albemarle Police Car

Albemarle County police are investigating an accident involving an officer's patrol car.

It happened around 5 p.m. Saturday. Police say a driver clipped the back of the cruiser as the officer tried to position his car to check speeds in a construction zone on Route 29 near Rio Mills.

A passenger riding along with the officer had a minor injury. The driver of the other car is not hurt.

Statement from Albemarle County Police:

Just wanted to let you all know that one of our patrol cars was rear-ended today around 5 p.m. on Route 29 southbound in the Rio Mills area (in construction area).

The officer was attempting to run radar and went to position himself when a driver in another vehicle clipped the back of his cruiser.

The officer’s ride-along got a small laceration on the back of his head, and was checked out by rescue at the scene.

There were no injuries to the driver in the other vehicle. The police cruiser was towed from the scene.

This remains under investigation.