Augusta County Supervisors Struggle to Find Solution to Courthouse

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Augusta County Circuit Courthouse Augusta County Circuit Courthouse
Tracy Pyles, board chairman Tracy Pyles, board chairman

The Augusta County Board of Supervisors is struggling to find a solution to the courthouse issue.

The people of Augusta County voted to keep the courts in Staunton. The attorney general determined they can’t expand across the street.

A new expansion plan requires demolishing historic buildings next to the courthouse which Staunton leaders won't agree to.

Some supervisors say they feel like their hands are tied.

“I think we've made a good faith proposal to keep the courts in downtown which Staunton said over and over again they wanted to do and have done. Is that worth consideration of giving up a few buildings in order to have this long term?” said Tracy Pyles, board chairman.

Pyles says he'd like to put the new expansion proposal through the process in Staunton so people can weigh in.