Gillespie Announces Plan to Streamline State Government Operations

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Ed Gillespie [FILE] Ed Gillespie [FILE]

Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie, launched his plan to streamline state government operations Wednesday. Gillespie says his platform could save taxpayers $200 million.

Gillespie says if elected he has a set of reform proposals to make state government leaner and more effective. Part of the plan looks to the expected wave of retirements that could come during the next governor's term.

Gillespie says 25 percent of state workers will be eligible to retire over the next five years. He recommends not filling 1,000 of those positions and then putting in place more automation for some roles.

Gillespie also hopes to set aside half of the cost savings to give the state workforce raises and reward incentives. The he also hopes to attract new talent.

"This generation of talent is, you know, more transient, a little more focused on flexibility and options. A lot of the people that we'll be looking to hire out of our great colleges and universities here in the commonwealth to serve our fellow Virginians won't be coming in with a mindset of 'I’m gonna be here for the next 25 years,'" he said.

Gillespie proposes opening a Commonwealth Solutions Center to help identify areas for innovation and modernization of state government services.

But GOP opponent Corey Stewart says that could be part of the problem. He forecasts Gillespie would just be making government bigger and more expensive.