Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Presents Proposals for Gun Control

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Ralph Northam Ralph Northam

A gubernatorial candidate is laying out his plans to address gun control issues in the commonwealth.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam (D) was joined by members of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence at his campaign office in Richmond Wednesday, May 10.

Northam and gun-control advocates spoke about policy proposals, like mandating universal background checks and reinstituting the one handgun a month limit. He also shared his support for smart gun technology, such as guns that will only fire with a specific person's fingerprints.

Even if Northam clinches the Democratic nomination for governor and gets elected in November, he will likely have to work with a Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Northam believes his experience in the state legislature could be helpful when seeking compromise on an issue that has become more politically divisive over the years.

"My reputation is to work with folks from both sides of the aisle. But if we can pick up some seats and provide us some leverage in Richmond, I think that will be to our benefit as well so that's what we're planning to do as well in 2017," said the candidate.

His rival in the primary, Tom Perriello, served one term as a representative for the 5th District of Virginia.

Some gun control activists have been drawn to Northam's campaign because Perriello once had the support of the National Rifle Association.

Statement from Remi Yamamoto, spokeswoman for Perriello:

Just as he did in Congress and in the non-profit sector, Tom Perriello will fight fiercely to ensure our communities are safe and we enact common sense gun reforms. As governor, Tom will work to enact universal background checks on all gun sales, end “default” gun sales, restrict access to weapons and ammunition that have no defensible role in sport or home defense, and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, and stalkers.