Committee Recommends More Affordable Housing for Charlottesville

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Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services (FILE IMAGE) Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services (FILE IMAGE)
Stacy Pethia Stacy Pethia

The Charlottesville Planning Commission is reviewing recommendations to add affordable housing in the city.

The Housing Advisory Committee prioritized nine recommendations to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Finding city-owned properties to build affordable housing tops the committee's list.

The recommendations also include $900,000 in funding for rental assistance vouchers for 100 additional families.

The city says a lack of luxury housing and a limited supply of low-income housing put a strain on the availability of affordable places to live.

“It makes communities difficult to sustain themselves, so what you end up with is a very divided city. By highlighting where we are lacking the housing, where we need to focus our resources is what that housing report has really done very well,” said Charlottesville Housing Program Coordinator Stacy Pethia.

Recommendations from the Charlottesville Planning Commission are likely go to City Council sometime in June.