Waynesboro Increases Real Estate Tax, School and City Staff Salaries

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Waynesboro City Council Waynesboro City Council

Waynesboro city leaders have increased the real estate tax rate.

During Monday’s meeting, City Council was unanimous in its support of a $0.87 tax rate for every $100 of assessed real estate value.  That's a $0.07 increase.

The mayor introduced a budget amendment to give the school board money for a 1 percent raise for school staff, and a one percent raise for full-time-full-year city employees.

"One percent pay increase, it's not a lot, I mean, but it's a show of good faith and that we do take the value of our employees, whether it's city employees or the school employees, we understand the value of that,” Mayor Bruce Allen said.

In order to pay for the raises, council will set aside five cents instead of six to cover debt funding for the high school renovation. It will phase the community development initiative.