Rep. Tom Garrett Speaks with NBC29 on Healthcare, Town Halls

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Tom Garrett speaking with NBC29 Tom Garrett speaking with NBC29

5th District Rep. Tom Garrett (R) spent some time Monday with NBC29 talking policy issues, including healthcare.

Garrett voted yes on the new Republican health care bill, which passed the House last week. Opponents say it hurts American healthcare, instead of helping it. Garrett said he decided to vote for the bill after last minute changes were made.

To accomplish the goal of driving down costs, Garrett says states should be able to charge people with pre-existing conditions more for insurance, if states also set aside money to help those people pay for coverage. That provision is in the new bill.

“Acknowledging that there is a percentage of the pool that is just more expensive, and making sure that the resources necessary to ensure their care exists,” Garrett said.

Garrett spent Monday in meetings in Charlottesville, all except one closed to press and the public. The congressman says his Facebook live town halls should be enough.

Garrett is having his second in-person town hall in Moneta Tuesday, May 9. He says there are still tickets available.

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