Charlottesville Pharmacy Closing Shop After 60 Years

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Meadowbrook Pharmacy Meadowbrook Pharmacy

Out with the old and in with the new. Meadowbrook Pharmacy, a Charlottesville staple that has worked to keep people healthy for 60 years, is closing up shop.

The pharmacy is closing its doors in just a few weeks. It’s one of the last two independent pharmacies in the city. Now, it’s closing down, as a new CVS is going up next door.

Staff members at Meadowbrook Pharmacy say it's been a really busy week, with dozens of customers coming to fill prescriptions one last time and say goodbye.

The pharmacy also offers courtesy deliveries of prescriptions and other medications to customers' homes, especially the elderly and shut-ins, a program that will have to end when the store closes.

The new CVS will go up on the corner of Barracks and Emmett roads, where the current ALC Copies Store stands.

The Charlottesville planning commission still must approve plans before it goes up.

Meadowbrook will fill prescriptions until May 8. It will close permanently on May 11.

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