CPC Manager Suing City Assessor over Water Street Parking Garage

Posted: Updated: Apr 11, 2017 09:19 PM

Mark Brown, the owner of the Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC), is at the center of another lawsuit with the city. Brown is again suing the city of Charlottesville, this time city assessor Jeff Davis. 

According to court documents, Brown claims that the city will not offer an assessment of the land beneath the Water Street Parking Garage. Instead, the city assessed the value of the businesses within the garage.

Brown says he is entitled to an assessment of the value of the land itself, separate from the value of the businesses.

This comes as brown and the city are involved in an ongoing dispute over rates and ownership of the garage.

Brown wants to raise rates at the Water Street Parking Garage, which it manages for the city. CPC also owns the land that the parking garage is on.

Charlottesville and CPC share an equal number of seats on a board that controls the Water Street Parking Garage.

Brown filed a lawsuit against Charlottesville back in March 2016, because he believes the CPC is not getting fair-market value for parking spaces at the garage. The city is counter suing.

In a statement to NBC29, Brown said:

It's really sad that the City chooses to conduct themselves in such a manner.  A tax assessment for our property is a basic constitutional right in Virginia and the City has refused to provide an assessment for our land under the garage.  This is not a dispute about a value, it is a dispute as to whether land I own will be assessed or not.  Why the City would not want us to pay taxes on our land is beyond me, especially considering how much the rest of the community has been forced to pay this year.  I'm probably the only person in the 130 year history of the City of Charlottesville that has been forced to go to court in order to have my property assessed.

The city of Charlottesville spokeswoman and Davis did not respond to requests for comment Thursday night.

According to court records, no hearing date has been set yet.

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