Indivisible Charlottesville Holds Citizen's Hearing on Neil Gorsuch

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meeting of Indivisible Charlottesville at the Haven meeting of Indivisible Charlottesville at the Haven

A Charlottesville-based group that's battling President Donald Trump's agenda is sending a message to Washington about the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court.

More than 100 people attended the citizen's hearing for Gorsuch organized by Indivisible Charlottesville. The group is working to educate the public on who Gorsuch is and look back on his judicial record.

"It's going to be one of the most consequential things that President Trump does if Gorsuch gets confirmed to the court because he'll be on the court for 30 or 40 years,” David Singerman of Indivisible Charlottesville said.

The possibility of a lengthy tenure on the Supreme Court worries some who attended Sunday’s citizen’s hearing for Gorsuch. Trump's nominee is just 49 years old.

"I didn't realize how young Gorsuch is and that really it’s going to affect the lives of my children and maybe even their children decisions that this court makes," Nancy Kliewer said.

Kliewer says another concern for her is Gorsuch's opinion on how the president treats judges when he disagrees with their decisions.

"Instead of saying it’s a bad decision, he's personally attacking those judges and they have had to hire more security and just on a personal level, it’s one thing to disagree with a decision but to call out individual judges for their decisions that they believe are following the Constitution, that’s just wrong,” Kliewer said.

That’s why Indivisible Charlottesville invited representatives of both Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner to attend the event.

The group wants to make sure senators are pressing Gorsuch on Trump's actions and voicing citizen concerns.

"I hope that the senators on the judiciary committee really push Gorsuch on the independence of courts and the importance of having a court system that is free from interference from the executive branch, it’s going to be especially important over the next few years to have a system in the courts that can put a hold and a check on a corrupt administration like Donald Trump’s," Singerman said.

Indivisible Charlottesville plans to send out calls to action this week for its members to call Virginia's senators, urging them to oppose Gorsuch's nomination.

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