Author Speaks to UVA Class About Gun Laws

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Students at the University of Virginia spent part of their day discussing one of the most heated and polarizing topics in our country.

Dozens attended a lecture to listen to an author talk about why he believes the country needs less expansive gun laws.

In his book the author's main argument is that more guns make us less free and ultimately undermine our rights titled Do Guns Make us Free? Author Firim Debrabander argues that the way the National Rifle Association wants to expand the Second Amendment undermines the First Amendment.

He says free speech is more challenged by having more guns in society. Debrabander also argues that the NRA has a radical agenda, and he wants to see changes in stand-your-ground and campus carry laws.

"I think that students need to appreciate the nature of the threat from the NRA, they have been very successful from the legislative level. I think for some reason people don't actually know the laws that the NRA has been able to get across at the state level," said Debrabander.

Students at the lecture were also encouraged to ask questions, some wanting to know what the author thinks is the right solution.

He says it starts by making guns less accessible.

The lecture today was for a course offered at UVA called The Kingdom of God and America which discusses religion and social movements.

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