Charlottesville Startups Providing Drones for Security

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Two Charlottesville startups are working together to make security stronger for businesses by using drones.

The drones look for things like gaps in fences where someone could access a company's property illegally. 

Bluestone Analytics and Skyclad Aerial say the technology is best used at facilities where patrolling on foot would be dangerous or too time intensive.

"We did a large-scale physical inspection of a coal mine a few years ago out in West Virginia. It was four days of us on four wheelers riding the perimeter and it's just not an efficient use of time, whereas a drone could do that in an afternoon," said Liam Bowers of Bluestone Analytics.

With a background in the military, Bowers says working with Skyclad seemed like the perfect fit.

"Army special operations uses drones a lot for security purpose in Afghanistan and I recognized the ability to use drones in the private sector to conduct security inspections,” said Bowers.

The drone is programmed with a specific flight path, then flies above and around the facility to get a bird’s-eye view.

"The maps that we are creating, they're comprised of a set of photographs in some cases-maybe a thousand photographs, and the software that we use will fuse together the images. So it's essentially like a real time high resolution Google Earth or Google Maps,” said Matteus Frankovich, the owner and operations director of Skyclad Aerial. 

How long it takes depends on the size of the business, but regardless of time, they say it’s all about helping their customers.

The partnership has been around for about a month. The companies say they have already received a lot of positive feedback with requests for their services across the country and in Europe.

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