Greene County Sheriff Upset With Supervisors Over Budget Meeting

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Greene County Sheriff's Office Greene County Sheriff's Office
Greene County Administrator's Office Greene County Administrator's Office
Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith

Sheriff Steve Smith of Greene County is upset with the Greene County Board of Supervisors and the administrator's office. It is all due to a budget meeting involving his department, held without anyone in his office present.

The Greene County administrator held an internal workshop Wednesday, discussing 2018 financial plans for different county agencies. Smith’s office claims a person not employed with the department presented the 911 emergency services budget.

The sheriff's office did not attend the internal meeting after employees say they were informed they would not be presenting the EMS budget.

Smith said a source then told him the 911 EMS budget was discussed by someone who doesn't work in the office and he claims is not qualified to be discussing that information. 

This is all following a recent lawsuit the sheriff filed against the Greene County Board of Supervisors over financial problems involving the E911 operator position.

Last August, the E911 coordinator was asked to resign. She then started working as the county's emergency services director. The E911 Coordinator position remains unfilled at the sheriff's office, but the sheriff says somehow he's still paying the salary of the emergency services director, who no longer works for him.

Smith says he has no idea what was discussed for the 911 budget and is worried it may come to impact people's safety.

"They could affect the public safety of this county - not knowing what our needs are, how much we need to increase on things, or certain items that we need. We definitely should have been the ones to present the budget to him,” Smith said.

In an email to NBC29, the county administrator responded to the sheriff's claim and said, “We continue to work with all of our departments and constitutional office to prepare a solid 2018 budget proposal for consideration by the board of supervisors."

Smith says he hopes all parties involved in these budget issues and lawsuit can come to some sort of understanding before it ends up in front of judge.

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