Stinnie and Davis 'Bring Energy' to JMU Offense

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JMU left tackle Aaron Stinnie was named 1st All-CAA JMU left tackle Aaron Stinnie was named 1st All-CAA

No FCS school in the country has scored more points than the JMU football team this season.

The Dukes put ten players on the All-CAA first team, including Rashard Davis and Aaron Stinnie.

Davis was also named the CAA Special Teams player of the year. The former Charlottesville High School star has produced a school-record four punt returns this season.

Stinnie, a graduate of Saint Anne's-Belfield, has been protecting the blind-side of the last two Dudley Award winners, JMU quarterbacks Vad Lee and Bryan Schor.

"I think they bring an energy to our offense," says Schor. I don't know if its with everybody down in Charlottesville but with Rashard Davis and Aaron Stinnie, they just bring an energy everyday. We practiced in the rain last-week and it was pouring rain out here and it was kind of miserable out. You see Rashard running and do a back-flip, and everybody goes, 'wow, what is he doing,' You see Aaron running down the sideline, just cheering somebody on. They definitely bring a lot of energy to us and they're very special to our team."

Stinnie was one of two JMU offensive lineman to make first team. He was originally recruited as a defensive lineman but made the transition to offense two-seasons ago.

"Oh man, Aaron Stinnie, he's a tough guy, says sophomore defensive tackle Martez Stone. "To know he could of played on the defensive line is great but him on the offensive line, he's really taken control of that offensive line. Practicing against him is a real challenge. He'll really give you a good workout and a good-look too. He helps you prepare for how tough your opponent will be when its actually game day."

JMU is playing the FCS semifinals this Friday. The Dukes will take on North Dakota State in the Fargodome. The Bison have won five-consecutive FCS national championships.

"Being able to go up against North Dakota State is really exciting," says Stinnie. "Going into the game we know its going to be a very physical and intense game. We kind of like those types of games. We're ready to go into there and we're just trying to prepare each and everyday and get our minds right, get as much film in as we can possibly get. I think once Friday comes, we'll be ready for the game."

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