Crews Battling Wildfires in Central Virginia

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Eades Hollow Fire courtesy of Forestry Department Eades Hollow Fire courtesy of Forestry Department

If it seems smoky or hazy across portions of central Virginia, its is because of a forest fire coming from Nelson and Amherst counties. 

Wildfires burning to the south are churning out a lot of smoke, and the Charlottesville Fire Department has been receiving a lot of calls about it.

"We do not want anyone if they see smoke or smell smoke, we do not want them to not call 911. Because, we definitely, if there is a real fire, we want to respond. And we don't want to them to just assume it is smoke from these fires," said Richard Jones, the battalion chief of the Charlottesville Fire Department.

Burn out operations are underway in Nelson County, and in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Dozens of crews are battling the Mount Pleasant fire, which has scorched about 2,700 acres so far.

"Due to the fact that it's an outside wild land fire with the wind coming from the west, but it could be blowing it into our area. So, until they get those fires under control, you have that possibility of feeling that residual smoke," said Jones. 

The dry air and wind in the area is breeding grounds for wildfires. It doesn't look like crews will have any rain to help their efforts on Tuesday either. 

The Charlottesville Fire Department says if you're seeing or smelling smoke to call them, they don't want people to overlook a real fire, and assume the smoke is from the wildfires.

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