Hundreds Say Intersection in Ivy is 'Extremely Dangerous'

Posted: Updated: Oct 17, 2016 07:22 PM
Tilman Road and Route 250 intersection Tilman Road and Route 250 intersection

Hundreds of people in Albemarle County are asking Virginia Department of Transportation to add a traffic light to what is described as an "extremely dangerous intersection."

About 250 people who live in Ivy are requesting that the caution signal at the Tilman Road and Route 250 intersection be replaced with a traffic light.

They claim several traffic deaths at this location could have been avoided with a different signal.

"We've had a lot of safety problems and concerns that have come up,” Allie Hill, who lives in Ivy, said.

Hill says the intersections dangerous.

"There is a yellow flashing light at the intersection but very few people slow down or even go the recommended 45 mph. We've had two deaths since 2004 due to the intersection," Hill said.

She is one of 200 that want to see a traffic signal installed.

"It is an area where there's a poor line of sight and so having these cars racing by at high speeds and numbers just makes it a very dangerous situation with people trying to cross," Hill said.

VDOT tells a different story.

"It doesn't have sufficient peak volume traffic, it doesn't have sufficient traffic over that eight hours period, and the crash history does not indicate that a traffic signal would be likely to help the situation," Lou Hatter from VDOT says.

VDOT says the crashes that happen in the intersection have nothing to do with the yellow flashing light.

"The preponderance of crashes at this intersection were rear end crashes which tend to indicate that someone, a vehicle stopped in front and the motorist didn't stop in time and hit the person from behind,” Hatter said.

But Hill says the previous surveys conducted are not enough.

"VDOT needs to give us a little bit more attention on looking at the numbers and safety of this intersection," Hill says.

She challenges those who disagree to attempt crossing from her side of the road.

"Come and try to leave from Tilman Road and go on to 250 during peak rush hour times in the morning and the evening," Hill said.

Those concerned met with the board of supervisors chair and a VDOT representative Monday to voice their concerns and motivate a change in the signal. They are hoping for a quick resolution.