Waynesboro First Aid Crew Hosts Open House for Volunteers

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Waynesboro First Aid Crew Waynesboro First Aid Crew

The Waynesboro First Aid Crew is putting out the call for new volunteers to respond to life-or-death emergencies.

The crew hosted an open house Saturday to educate the community on the importance of emergency medical services that the crew provides. It’s looking ahead to its future as it celebrates its 65th anniversary.

The open house featured a demonstration of vehicle extraction of a person in a car accident as well as new emergency equipment.

The event also hosted poison control experts and nurses from Augusta Health to answer questions from the public.

The president of the first aid crew says the organization is in need of volunteers due to the large amount of calls they respond to daily.

"Throughout those 65 years our call volume has continued to increase, with our last year’s call volume was right around 650 calls, and it's not uncommon or unheard of for us to answer more than 24 calls in a 24 hour time frame," crew president Ashley Cook said.

Cook says volunteering is just as serious as being a full staff member, and that volunteers have to be willing to work for an extended period of time.

For anyone that's interested in volunteering you can reach the first aid crew by calling its non-emergency line at 540-949-7118, and find more information on their website.