Franklin Graham Stops in Richmond to Encourage Faithful to Go to Polls

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Thousands gathered in Richmond to pray with Franklin Graham Wednesday Thousands gathered in Richmond to pray with Franklin Graham Wednesday
Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham
Daniel Gidens, attendee Daniel Gidens, attendee

Thousands gathered in prayer in Richmond Wednesday to pray with famous Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham. He’s encouraging the faithful to vote in the November election and stay engaged in politics.

Graham has said Christians who don't like Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton need to hold their noses and go to the polls. He says this November they have a moral obligation to be informed and cast their ballots.

Graham, the son of North Carolina Christian leader Billy Graham, is urging fellow Christians to have their voices heard and participate in local, grassroots politics.

“The national election - it’s not about personalities, which the media wants you to think it is. It's not about lost emails - that's not the issue. It's not about crude or vulgar language, that's not the issue. This election is about the Supreme Court,” Graham said.

He says voters must consider that the next president could appoint several justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and that abortion, gay marriage, and religious freedom are top of the mind issues.

“We are on a precipice right now as a nation, and that's why it's so important that we pray and ask God to heal our land and maybe He'll give us another chance,” Graham said.

The Christian Evangelist also weighed in on a WikiLeaks thread showing top Clinton aides mocking Catholics and Evangelicals.

"I was just distraught,” Graham said. “It shows their total disrespect for people by faith. I was very shocked by that."

Those gathered in Richmond say now, more than ever, people need to hear the word of God.

“It was African-Americans, it was whites, every nationality whatsoever was here. Democrats, Republicans, independents. Jesus loves us and we need to come to Him,” said Daniel Gidens, attendee.

Graham’s 50 state tour is coming to a close. He wraps up the journey this week with stops in Virginia and North Carolina.