Rolling Stone Accuses Eramo of Leaking Confidential Video to ABC

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Lawyers representing Rolling Stone, its publisher, and the author of a retracted rape article say the other side has leaked a deposition video.

An emergency motion request accuses University of Virginia Associate Dean Nicole Eramo of leaking confidential deposition videos to ABC for use in a “20/20” feature about the case. The show is set to air Friday night, just three days before trial.

Eramo is suing for more than $7 million because she says the since debunked article about a rape at a UVA fraternity house portrayed her as a villain.

Eramo's attorney fired back saying: 

It is highly ironic that Rolling Stone, a media company, is complaining about the media having access to testimony that is already in the public domain. These depositions were filed publicly with the court for anyone to see. This is little more than a tactic by Rolling Stone to delay the trial.

  A trial is set for Tuesday at 9 a.m. in federal court at Roanoke. 

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