Author Speaks at UVA's Miller Center on Police-Community Relations

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The War on Cops The War on Cops

The Miller Center at the University of Virginia is examining race and policing as part of its American Forum public affairs program.

On Monday Heather Mac Donald, the author of the new book "The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe." argues the criminal justice system is eroding, but not because of the officers.

Mac Donald thinks the country's attacks on the criminal justice system are actually making us less safe.  Mac Donald discussed what she calls the 'Ferguson Effect' that is the change in proactive policing since the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown.

In her book, she deconstructs the Black Lives Matter movement narrative that racist cops are the threat to young black males. Mac Donald says it's the criminals who are responsible for the high black homicide rate, not the police.

"When the police back off of policing - just what's happening now, thanks to the flash narrative of Black Lives Matter - lives are lost, crime goes up, criminals become emboldened," said Mac Donald.

Her motivation to write the book came after she spoke with people in high crime neighborhoods who say they need more policing.

The book was released in June. The segment she taped Monday at the Miller Center will air on PBS in a few months.

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