Rescue Squad Collecting Donations for Louisa Co. Fire Victims

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wreckage from house fire wreckage from house fire
Kevin Jones, who lost his father and sister in fire Kevin Jones, who lost his father and sister in fire
Louisa County home destroyed by fire Louisa County home destroyed by fire

A mother and her 2-year-old son are recovering after escaping a house fire in Louisa County that killed two other family members Sunday.

Ebony Jones is at the University of Virginia Medical Center Monday, recovering from smoke inhalation.

Family members credit her with saving her little boy as the fire engulfed their home, claiming the lives of her mother and grandfather.

“It's devastating, I can tell you that much,” Kevin Jones, son and brother of the victims, said.

Tears flow from Kevin Jones, as flashbacks to his childhood flood the 51-year-old's memory.

“Just running around in this house, running around in the yard … me and my sister and brother,” Jones said.    

Those memories are all that's left of the home Jones grew up in on Bibb Store Road in Louisa County. A fire early Sunday morning reduced it to charred rubble. Firefighters suspect a kerosene heater sparked the blaze.

“They don't know whether it caught fire or exploded, they don't know,” Jones said.

The flames trapped Jones' 74-year-old father, Kelly Jones.

“Just a quiet guy, man, everybody liked him.” Jones said.

And his sister, 52-year-old Eunice Jones.

“My sister was, she was a wonderful sister and a mother,” Jones said.

The father and daughter died inside their family home.

“They brought my father out the back side. They said they found him in the back room back there. My sister was at the front door,” Jones said.

Eunice's daughter, Ebony, escaped along with her two-year-old son.

“I think she broke through the glass with her hands and she threw her son out the window and then she jumped out the window too. She cut her hands real bad, but other than that, she's still here,” Jones said.

Nearly all their belongings burned in the fire. Now, the community is coming together to replace what was lost.

“Our members kind of felt the need to step up and it just started as a simple Facebook post,” Chief Gary Morris of the Louisa County Volunteer Rescue Squad said.

The Louisa County Volunteer Rescue Squad is collecting clothes and donations for the family. To them, it's about helping one of their own.

“One of our squad members is a relative of this family, and it was a grassroots effort by some of our members to want to give back,” Morris said.

Clothing donations can be dropped off at the squad building on Rescue Lane in Louisa.

Squad members also set up an account for online donation that you can find here.