Catholics Protest Tim Kaine Outside his Church

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Outside St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church Outside St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

A group of Virginia Catholics is blasting Hillary Clinton's running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

About a dozen Catholics protested peacefully outside Kaine's church Sunday morning.

They claim his voting record contradicts the Catholic faith, particularly on issues of abortion and gay marriage.

"He supports death, and therefore he should not get votes," demonstrator Jacqueline Hawkins said.

"You are a CINO, you are a Catholic in name only," organizer Frances Bouton said.

 Kaine has attended St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Richmond for about 30 years.

But now the Jesuit-educated, former missionary is in hot water with some fellow Catholics.

"He is not America's dad at all. If people just scratched the surface … he's really, all I can say, is evil," Bouton said.

Bouton says Kaine is not in good standing to accept Holy Communion.

Years ago, Kaine supported more restrictions on abortion and said he personally opposed it. But now he has a 100 percent voting record on Planned Parenthood's 2016 congressional scorecard.

"Tim Kaine, quit lying that you are not pro abortion, because you are pro abortion," Bouton said.

While NBC29 stayed outside the church, the director of communications for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond came over and requested we not disturb parishioners leaving the service.  

Deborah Cox also said the Rev. James Arsenault of St. Elizabeth's would not be available to speak with us.

But, last month, Arsenault appeared on NPR for an interview.

"He really extends a hand to help people and is very compassionate, approachable, available and friendly," Arsenault said about Kaine.

At times, Kaine has also faced criticism for being personally opposed to the death penalty, while allowing executions to be carried out as governor. On that issue, Arsenault said, "The church has a teaching with regard to we're pro-life, and we believe in that seamless garment of life. We respect sometimes lawmakers make difficult decisions."

Parishioners coming out of church Sunday said they love Kaine, but they were not willing to go on camera. Someone inside church said toward the end of Mass, parishioners were encouraged not to speak with the media. Kaine was not at Sunday’s Mass. 

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