Democrats Hold Kickoff Dinner for New PAC

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Democratic PAC kick off dinner at Cville Coffee Democratic PAC kick off dinner at Cville Coffee

Democrats looking to run for office in central Virginia might have an easier time fundraising with a new political action committee (PAC).

Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy and Tony Lucadamo started the new Progressive PAC to help minorities and other disenfranchised groups run for office.

The group held a kick off dinner at Cville Coffee Friday, August 19. The dinner featured prominent Democrats from central Virginia.

“Let’s help those who, they're just a regular every day person. How do we help an individual who may work at Food Lion, decide that they wans to run for city council? How do we help them out? It takes individuals like us and political action committees like this to support those people,” Bellamy said.

The PAC accepted donations at the kickoff dinner for future Democrats running for office.