Charlottesville Ex-Felon Advocating for Voting Rights

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Darryl Jones Darryl Jones

A Charlottesville ex-felon who had his voting rights restored in 2008 is advocating for his friends to have the same right.

Darryl Jones says he excitedly told his ex-felon friends that they would have their voting rights restored by Governor McAuliffe, but was embarrassed when he found out that the executive order restoring voting rights had been reversed.

“They said he did it so we could get Democrats, the reason he restored these 206 people so they can vote Democrat. But all the people that were criminals aren't Democrats. And half the people ain't even thinking about Democrats,” said Jones.

Jones says he is trying to work with elected officials in both Charlottesville and Richmond on how to get ex-felons rights back before the presidential election. 

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