Disability Advocates: Some Handicapped Parkers See Discrimination

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Handicapped parking spot in Charlottesville Handicapped parking spot in Charlottesville
Kendall Wood Kendall Wood

Not everyone who parks in handicapped parking spaces show outward signs of being disabled, but their appearance does not always tell the whole story.

In Charlottesville, disability advocates say there have been reports of notes left on cars, smashed windows, and verbal confrontations to those who don't outwardly show disability while parking. 

Those with permits are often unable to get through the day without them.

“Going grocery shopping wipes me out for the entire day. Having a parking space that's closer and more accessible can really make a difference in me actually being able to do something else with my day, beyond grocery shopping,” said Kendall Wood, a student.

Just last week a separate student says she was verbally assaulted in a parking lot. The woman attempted to take pictures of her as she got in her car and drove away.