Charlottesville City Council: City Won’t Sell Stake In Parking Garage

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Amid a controversial legal battle, the city of Charlottesville is taking a stand on parking around the Downtown Mall. Members of Charlottesville City Council pledged their commitment to making sure parking stays affordable for those who work, live, or visit downtown Charlottesville.

Councilors said that not only will the city not sell its stake in the Water Street Parking Garage, but it will make on offer on the spaces owned by the Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC). The CPC asked the city to sell its stake, about 600 spaces, in the Water Street Garage.

This comes after the CPC sued the city when it wouldn't let parking rates increase. Charlottesville then filed a countersuit.

A group of concerned business and property owners along with some customers petitioned the city not to sell its parking spaces.

City councilors say they heard that message loud and clear.

“In light of the public's interest in accessible and affordable parking downtown, city council hereby directs the city manager to make an offer to buy CPC's spaces based on the value of that appraisal,” said Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer.

“I've had a lot of emails. We’ve heard last Thursday, 60 to 70 people at the Violet Crown, and it was unanimous. Parking is critical to downtown. We know that,” said Bob Fenwick, Charlottesville city councilor.

The city will also create an advisory task force on parking. Various stakeholders on the task force will provide advice to the city as it works on improving the availability and affordability of parking downtown.

NBC29 reached out to Mark Brown, the owner of the Charlottesville Parking Center, for a comment, but have not heard back yet.

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