Green Party Members Congregate in Charlottesville

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Green Party of Virginia General Meeting in Charlottesville Green Party of Virginia General Meeting in Charlottesville

A presidential candidate is rallying supporters in central Virginia.

Dozens of members of the Green Party from across the commonwealth traveled to Charlottesville Saturday to hear from their candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, a physician and liberal activist.

Stein was the guest speaker at the Green Party of Virginia General Meeting.

“I'm a member of the Green Party because I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils,” Green Party member Tim Cotton.

That was a common message at the party’s meeting in Charlottesville.

“I say that I'm a medical doctor, practicing political medicine, doing political therapy. You know, helping us break up with an abusive political relationship,” Stein said.

Stein delivered the keynote address to the gathering of supporters.

“The two leading contenders for both contenders, the presumptive nominees, are the most disliked, untrusted, candidates in history,” Stein said.

The Green Party platform pushes for comprehensive environmental policy, which includes eliminating fossil fuels. It also calls for a free public higher education, as well as reformed health insurance.

“Through a Medicare-for-all health insurance program,” Stein said.

The Virginia Green Party Co-Chair, B. Sidney Smith, says the general meeting helps unite members from across the commonwealth.

“Our general meeting is for party building, and for kind of getting to know people who are newly interested in the Green Party,” Smith said.

The party is also expanding. At the general meeting, it certified Cotton's Green Party chapter in Culpeper.

“They certified us and now we're a legal political party in the state of Virginia,” Cotton said.

Many members from the Virginia chapter plan to travel to the 2016 Green National Convention this summer in Houston, Texas.

That's when Stein will officially be named the presidential candidate.

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