City Council to Approve Creation of Blue Ribbon Commission

Posted: Updated: May 01, 2016 07:56 PM
Statue in Lee Park Statue in Lee Park

Charlottesville City Council is preparing to set up a commission to study the city's Confederate monuments.

Councilors hammered out most of the details of the Blue Ribbon Commission on race, monuments, and city spaces during a public work session last week.

Nine members will be appointed to the commission. That group will have roughly six months and $10,000 to study Charlottesville's Confederate history and where to go from here.

"To my way of thinking, it's going to be all about education. And having people comfortable, if that's the right word, speaking to each other about racism, slavery, and what it means," City Councilor Bob Fenwick said.

After City Council approves the creation of the commission Monday night, the clerk's office will accept applications to be on the commission. The city will appoint commission members in June.

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