House Speaker, Delegates Visit UVA Focused Ultrasound Center

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Focused ultrasound machine Focused ultrasound machine
John Snell of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation John Snell of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Virginia House Speaker William Howell and Delegates David Toscano and Steve Landes got an inside look at some life changing technology.

The lawmakers visited the University of Virginia Focused Ultrasound Center Thursday afternoon.

UVA thanked them for allocating $4 million in the recently approved two-year state budget for center research.

Focused ultrasound is a noninvasive, scalpel-free approach that focuses ultrasound energy, guided by MRI, on a single spot in the body to treat the targeted area without damaging surrounding tissue.

Doctors showed off an ultrasound in clinical trials for treating Parkinson's’s disease, essential tremor, and non-cancerous breast tumors.

“We just tried to convey the excitement and the impact that this can have in patient's lives who have very debilitating conditions in some cases and with a very noninvasive technology, almost have an outpatient experience of major brain surgery,” said John Snell of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

Another advantage of the technology is that it can prevent people from having to go under the knife or use radiation.