'Hoos Set for Saturday's Spring Football Festival

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The UVa football team had its 14th spring practice on Thursday.   Head coach Bronco Mendenhall says Saturday's final practice at Scott Stadium, which is part of the Spring Football Festival, will look very similar.

The team says it's made good practice during the spring, but instead of a typical spring game for the finale, this year it will be more of a standard practice with some live 11-on-11 action mixed in.

The players are ok with that.

UVa rising senior center Jackson Matteo says, "Having a spring game is nice and showing the fans what we're capable of is nice but if we don't have everything where it needs to be than having a spring game is pointless.  We got to get another practice in, and we have to continue to perfect our craft and really tighten the screws."

UVa coach Bronco Mendenhall says, "We will be in full pads Saturday it will look very similar to what you watched today other than the team segments other than the team segments when we're going 11-on-11 will be live."

UVa quarterback Matt Johns says, "We need to focus on what we're doing, sometimes you get caught up in the fans and you lose track of what's important and we need to focus on Saturday and get better in our 15th practice."

Gates will open at 2pm Saturday at Scott Stadium with football activities beginning about 4:15pm.

Mendenhall says, "We've just continued to assess where we need more work, where we need the most emphasis, how can we improve our team.   About the last five practices, we've shifted some segments of practice and some emphasis in practice to ensure that we're passing and catching enough in team segments."

Matteo adds, "I think we've progressed, we're not going to get it the first day and we know that, but also something that we know is that you have to build on what you've done.  The first few practices are not going to be the smoothest, but the next day, the next opportunity to be successful, that has to be the one we need to hone in on."