Environmental Group Urging Dominion to Nix Pipeline Projects

Posted: Updated: Apr 22, 2016 04:53 PM

The Virginia Sierra Club is urging Dominion Power to nix its pipeline projects and opt for what it believes is a more energy-efficient solution.

Dominion has received several proposals to build two offshore turbines along Virginia's coast.

The Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Project comes with a price tag up to $380 million.

Dominion says offshore wind is the most expensive form of power generation, and its working to bring down the price to protect customers who ultimately pay the bill.

"We have to go to clean energy and renewables in order to keep the earth from burning up,” Kirk Bowers, pipelines program manager for the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club, said.

"We actually need both. When you have intermittent types of generation, whether it's solar or wind, when the wind stops blowing or the sun doesn't shine, you need natural projects to step in and step in immediately at peak demands to make up for loss generation," Chet Wade of Dominion said.

The Sierra Club hopes Dominion will put the money for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline toward this cleaner energy project.

Dominion says offshore wind without any kind of back-up system will create problems in the long run.

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