The Virginia Flaggers Seek Land for Confederate Flag Memorial

Posted: Updated: Apr 17, 2016 05:01 PM
The Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville's Lee Park The Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville's Lee Park
Barry Isenhour of The Virginia Flaggers Barry Isenhour of The Virginia Flaggers

A group dedicated to remembering the history of the Confederacy is looking for the help of a landowner in the Charlottesville area. The Virginia Flaggers hope to find someone who would be willing to help them set up a space for the Confederate battle flag to be raised.

Some members are concerned about the future of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. If that statue is removed, The Virginia Flaggers intend to set up another site dedicated to Confederate soldiers.

The Virginia Flaggers posted to Facebook Monday (see below). Barry Isenhour says this social media post is nothing new as his group wants to see that Virginia’s heritage lives on. He sees removal of Confederate statues as disrespect for American veterans.

"They defended this commonwealth and that's why we carry the battle flag, this is the battle flag. And so, to us, it's very sacred to point out to people that these men gave their lives to save Virginia in a war,” Isenhour stated.

Others argue the Confederate flag has come to be a symbol of racism and hatred.

In recent weeks, petitions have been circulated and demonstrations held in Charlottesville calling on the city to move the Robert E. Lee statue.

There has been a legal debate playing out in Virginia courts and the Virginia General Assembly over how to handle Confederate war memorials. Last month, Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have prevented localities from taking down those sites.

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