UVA Alum Showcases Anecdotal Model for Job Applications

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Danny Rubin at his "Crush the Competition" Danny Rubin at his "Crush the Competition"

A University of Virginia alum is using a new model to teach students how to get a leg up in the job market. Students learned all about it at today's career workshop called "Crush the Competition".

Danny Rubin created this new model. It revolves around telling personal stories in cover letters to grab the attention of future employers, and students got to try it out today for themselves.

It’s a new approach students at UVA are taking to capture the attention of potential employers: telling a story when crafting a cover letter.

“It's unusual, it's not what we're used to seeing from a cover letter,” Ruben, who’s a communications expert, said.

This new model is the brainchild of Rubin, who graduated from UVA in 2006. Rubin introduced the model to students at the Brody Jewish Center during Sunday's "Crush the Competition" career workshop.

“The dedication the drive, the leadership, the attention to detail, that's what employers want to see and the best way to show them is a great story of our success,” Rubin said.

Rubin says if students start off their cover letters with a story showing triumph, then that will catch the employer by surprise.

“Beginning middle and end, showing how they overcome and obstacle, found success, that is how they kick off the cover letter,” Rubin said.

Students were put to the test to write their own personal cover letters.

Rubin details this approach in his new book titled, “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?” He hopes that college students and young professionals will use it as a reference guide.

“I call it a real world text book because we're all out there working hard and trying to grow our business or grow our career and we all run onto writing challenges,” Rubin said.

Rubin says his model so far has been pretty successful with other young professionals. He hopes that students at UVA will take his advice and really show employers who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing.


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