Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literally

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By Robert Nazarian

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Valentine’s Day is days away, and you could be in for a long night if you don’t have a date already. Did you ever consider a dog as your date? I know you’re thinking that you already had too many dates with dogs, but we’re talking about an actual dog.

So where do you go to meet a nice dog to spend time with? You don’t want to meet one at a bar, that never works out.

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Fortunately, there is now a dog dating service called Bark ‘N’ Borrow? You can download the app for free on your iPhone, and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect date.

Bark ‘N’ Borrow is kind of like Airbnb for dogs. It’s a community of dog lovers who either already have a dog or are looking for canine companionship. Many dog owners travel a lot or work long hours, and they are interested in lending their dogs to other canine lovers in an effort to give them more people time and avoid the kennel. It’s another way of finding a dog sitter, but it can also connect dog owners with other dog owners for playdates.

All you need to do is create a profile about yourself, which will include whether you own a dog or what services you can offer. Bark ‘N’ Borrow will then verify you with its own screening process. Once approved, it’s just a matter of searching the community and finding matches.

You can set up your own dates, and there is no cost or obligation. In fact, you might even make some money if you’re willing to dog sit regularly. Payments are made through PayPal.

Remember, you can use Bark ‘N’ Borrow even after Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Be sure to share your favorite dog, on Twitter using the #getadogdate hashtag.

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The app is only available on iOS, but the company said on its Facebook page that Android and Web versions will be available early this year. Just remember — no chocolates.

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