Whole Foods Experiencing Online Gift Card Scam

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Some people who buy Whole Foods gift cards online are becoming easy targets for scammers.

The company has recently seen an upswing in fraudulent gift cards presented by customers across the region.

Store managers at the Whole Foods on Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville say so far they have seen only one case of fraud at their store. They say a customer bought a gift card online that was identified as a fraudulent one.

Managers say the fake gift cards were not bought through Whole Foods' website, but other sources.

If a gift card does not have a four-digit pin code at the bottom, or if that PIN code does not match the number on the barcode, then it is most likely fake.

"Unfortunately I think the holidays is one of those times where scammers come out and it becomes a little bit more prevalent. So you've gotta make sure you're buying things like gift cards from a reputable source," said store manager Dave Berger.

Whole Foods sells all gift cards via its own website or right in the store. Their customer service team is currently being trained on gift card fraud to make sure people who shop at the store do not get scammed.

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