Businesses Rally to Support Horses from Peaceable Farm Raid

Posted: Updated: Dec 21, 2015 05:27 PM
Inside Dover Saddlery Inside Dover Saddlery
Shawnee Baker, Manager Dover Saddlery Shawnee Baker, Manager Dover Saddlery
Anne Goland, AKA Anne Shumate Williams Anne Goland, AKA Anne Shumate Williams

Businesses across central Virginia are rallying customers the week of Christmas to support the dozens of horses taken during an animal cruelty investigation in Orange County.

The wish lists aren't getting any shorter for rescuers caring for those horses from Peaceable Farm.

Farm supply stores, a nail salon, and an insurance agency are just a few of the businesses joining this massive and months long animal rescue effort.

The wish list isn't getting any shorter at Dover Saddlery in Seminole Square Shopping Center.

“This is sort of ground central for a lot of the horse community,” said Shawnee Baker, the manager at Dover Saddlery.

In October deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office raided Peaceable Farm.  After the raid, Anne Goland, the farm’s owner, surrendered 71 horses, 28 cats, and seven dogs. More cats were later found inside a neglected house on the farm’s property.

Baker has become a donation director for customers who want to help the rescue groups caring for the horses removed from Peaceable Farm. She says her store has delivered seven truckloads of products to the horse rescuers.

“Most of us are willing to take this project on for the long term and see what we can do to help the animals that have survived,” said Baker.

Insurance agent Becky Reid’s response to the Peaceable Farm case comes out on a canvas. Reid spent more than 60 hours painting a portrait of Conversano Two Aloha Two.  The grand champion is believed to have starved to death at the farm.

“Honestly, I can't think about it. The images are horrific. I needed to do something positive,” said Reid.

Sales of the prints and cards will benefit the rescuers. “The task that these rescues have taken on is just enormous, but more than that we need for this to never happen again,” said Reid.

Baker hopes this case serves as a lesson for the community to watch out for the welfare of animals.  “Luckily the majority of us love our animals, and I think would like to see the best for these animals that have been rescued in this case,” said Baker.

The benefit cards and prints are available at Dover Saddlery and several other stores in central Virginia.

A Facebook page and website for the Peaceable Farm survivors lists many of the businesses donating to the effort. 

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