Doctors: Lack of Egg Donations Remain Constant in Charlottesville

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Doctors at the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia in Albemarle County say they have a big need right now for egg donors.

Doctors say the egg donation process hasn't really changed much in the 20 years it's been available in central Virginia. A lack of donors seems to remain a constant as well.

Some women who do not have eggs to use, or the egg quality that they have no longer allows them to get pregnant, choose to use a donor.

However, experts say it is very hard to find donors because of all the extensive screening that the FDA oversees.

“Their genetics, their genetic history is taken by a genetics counselor. A physical exam is done by a physician. They do a lot of questionnaires to see if they've traveled to region where they shouldn't have gone," said Doctor Christopher Williams.

There is also a lot of blood testing involved.

Doctors say the vast majority of people who want to donate are not able to because after the screening process they just did not meet the criteria.

The standard pay rate for donors in Charlottesville is $4,500. Doctors say it is not their goal just to pay people to donate, but also to reimburse them for their time and efforts.

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