Charlottesville Service Exchange Organization Hosts First Repair Café

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Cville TimeBank's first Repair Café Cville TimeBank's first Repair Café
Ann Marie Hohenberger, event coordinator for Repair Café Ann Marie Hohenberger, event coordinator for Repair Café
Julius Neelley Julius Neelley
Darci Lieb Darci Lieb

A Charlottesville service exchange organization says it's fed up with people tossing perfectly good items in to landfills. Sunday afternoon, Cville TimeBank hosted its first ever Repair Café to change that.

The question of what to do with aging items that need repairing inspired the Cville TimeBank to create the event. It was an opportunity for people to bring in items in need of a fix up including clothing, jewelry, electronics, and a range of household items.

"When people have these things, they don't want to get rid of them, they don't want to throw them away, there's a little useful life left in them, but they don't know what to do," said Ann Marie Hohenberger, event coordinator for Repair Café. 

Julius Neelley stopped by to get a new seat for his bicycle, which he rescued from the Fairfax County dump. Volunteers with Charlottesville’s Community Bikes welcomed Neelley's repairs.

“So, I needed to figure out how to get the old seat off and then just some general information about oiling the gear, the chain and pumping up the tires and so forth," Neelley said. 

Volunteers from a variety of trades were on hand to offer fixes. Item owners were encouraged to sit down and watch the repairs and maybe even learn how to do it themselves.

Darci Lieb is going home with five newly repaired pieces of jewelry. 

"This is a fabulous opportunity for somebody like me who has lots of jewelry that needs lots of repairs that normally would be really expensive," Lieb stated.

The Repair Café appropriately coincides with America Recycles Day. People can look forward to a second Repair Café in spring 2016.

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