FERC Asked to Conduct Single Review of Related Pipeline Projects

Posted: Updated: Nov 09, 2015 04:55 PM
Signs protesting the proposed pipeline Signs protesting the proposed pipeline

Landowners and environmental groups from across Virginia and West Virginia are rallying together and calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, to rethink the way it looks at natural gas pipelines.

Thirty different organizations sent a letter to FERC Monday asking for a programmatic environmental impact statement. This would require FERC to look at at four different proposed pipeline projects in the Blue Ridge-Central Appalachian region, including the Atlantic Coast pipeline, and conduct a single, comprehensive review of the four related projects.

"Given the scale, the regional proximity, and the proximity in time for these projects, we want FERC to analyze them together in a single comprehensive document that would really look at whether all or any of these projects are in fact necessary and what impacts they would have cumulatively and their direct and indirect impacts, as well as all reasonable alternatives to them," said Joanna Salidis, President of Friends of Nelson.

In a statement, Dominion Power tells NBC29 that FERC will assess the cumulative environmental impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and other projects within the three state region but, " In recent rulings and statements, the FERC has said these would be "estimates of potential development" and not present "a credible forward look and would not present" a credible forward look and would therefore not be a useful tool for basic program planning."

Those against the pipeline insist that its not enough to look at these pipelines individually because each one affects the other. This is why they're asking for this comprehensive study.

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