Nelson Co. Protests Atlantic Coast Pipeline Through Peaceful Prayer Flags

Posted: Updated: Nov 08, 2015 05:19 PM
Prayers Not Pipelines protest Prayers Not Pipelines protest

People from all across central Virginia displayed their opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline at Sunday's peaceful “Prayers Not Pipelines” protest in Nelson County. Their intention was to send out positive messages to the community.

The protestors believe Nelson Co. is the worst possible place for a pipeline because it's where a lot of them live and even own businesses. Through this protest, they expressed their thoughts through public prayers.

The Rockfish Valley Foundation welcomed people to create prayer flags in opposition to the proposed pipeline. Now, hanging flags signed with messages of hope are on display in Nelson Co.

It's one way protestors believe they can get their messages out there. Trekking up the road to hang them the width of the proposed pipeline is another. 
"It's 125 feet and we wanted to give people a visual of how big 125 feet is," said Jill Averitt, protestor. 

Protestors joined hands and waved flags with corporate symbols and messages like “stop the madness,” “please respect the land,” and “why?” in hopes of being heard. 

"In this case, the whole world is gonna know that Nelson County is not the right place for the pipeline," Averitt said. 

Despite setbacks in court and a long process with federal regulators, the protestors like Dima Holmes still remain hopeful. 

“To know that we are all still united and still fight the pipeline gives each other hope that we're here together and gonna beat the project, the pipeline," said Holmes. 

The act of hanging prayer flags is a Tibetan tradition. Protestors were also given actual Tibetan flags to hand out and hang in trees to continue to spread the message.

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