UPDATE: Jesse Matthew Receives 3 Life Sentences in Fairfax Case

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Jesse Matthew will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Friday, a judge sentenced 33-year-old Matthew to three life sentences for attacking and almost killing a woman in Fairfax a decade ago.

At the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor referred to defendant in a number of ways, calling him a coward, adding that Matthew is “wicked” and “evil.”

The hearing in Fairfax Circuit Court last about 30 minutes with Matthew and his family present.

The families of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington were also in court.

Matthew is charged with capital murder for the death of 18-year-old Hannah last year and the first-degree murder of 20-year-old Morgan in 2009.

Earlier this year, Matthew was convicted of attempted capital murder - among other charges - in connection with a 2005 attack on a woman in Fairfax.

Matthew didn't admit guilt in this case; instead he entered an Alford plea. An Alford plea is a form of a guilty plea where a defendant proclaims he is innocent of the crime, but admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecutor said Matthew was hunting for a victim that night, leaving the woman almost dead.

"As in every instance in this case, [Matthew] only acts in his own best interest. He's only interested in himself. He tried to squirm out of this by doing an 11th hour plea and having some of his girlfriends write some letters, and I'm glad it didn't work," said Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh.

Matthew’s defense team pleaded with the judge for a lesser sentence, citing his troubled childhood.

The lawyer ended his comments by calling Matthew a “gentle giant.” 

Emotions ran high in the courtroom.  Matthew’s mother cried as the judge sentenced her son, and in the end told the judge, “I hope you rot in hell."

The death penalty is on the table for Matthew in the Graham case.

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