Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Visits Albemarle on Campaign Trail

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is in Virginia this weekend. Earlier Saturday afternoon, he met with GOP donors at a private fundraiser just outside of Charlottesville. Walker is establishing roots and investing early in Virginia.

He says the commonwealth will be a critical battleground state. Saturday his camp recruited big names in Virginia politics.

"I've fought and I've won, I got results, and I did it without compromising common sense conservative principles," says presidential candidate Scott Walker (R).

That message strikes a chord with some republicans in Virginia paying attention to Walker.

On the presidential campaign trail, Walker has already found a few allies in Virginia. That includes state senator Mark Obenshain. "I think that his style of politics, his philosophy, his track record, his experiences as a governor is going to be extremely helpful in us to Virginia," says Senator Mark Obenshain, R-26th District.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Delegate Rob Bell, R-58th District, also met with Walker Saturday. "In the general election, I do think - I do think we've learned from the last couple of elections what works and what doesn't. And I think any number of the candidates that are running will be successful here once we get to the general election," says Bell.

During a speech before donors and other republicans in Albemarle, Bell says he thinks Walker did well and made a strong impression. Bell says he hasn't decided on which candidate he's supporting for president, but he does hope it's a republican. Other Virginia leaders agree.

"I think that voters in Virginia know that something fundamentally is broken in America. We need a change in direction in Washington," says Obenshain.

At the Albemarle County home of a University of Virginia professor, Walker attracted crowds of republicans, including a number of UVA students.

"I like how strong he is on his platform, and he will do what he believes is right," says Carolyn Schnackenberg.

"I like Walker because I think he's someone who stands up for what he believes in," says Anthony Carcchiolo.

Walker says his experiences set him apart from a competitive GOP field. If elected president, he says he would not back down on foreign policy issues, like his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. "I will terminate it on day one, unlike some of the other Republicans who say they need some time to think about it,” says Walker.

Walker has crisscrossed the nation the past several months, but says Virginia voters are at the front of his mind. "I think that's why America should support me. I'm a fighter, who gets the job done, and I think America wants someone who's tested," says Walker.

After the fundraiser in Albemarle County, Walker traveled to Woodbridge to meet with young republicans. His trip comes on the heels of Governor Jeb Bush's stops in Norfolk and Richmond this week.