STAB Exploring Options at Quarterback

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Senior Wide Receiver Kareem Johnson Senior Wide Receiver Kareem Johnson
Senior running back John Woodson Senior running back John Woodson

Saint Anne's-Belfield head coach John Blake came up just short of a seventh state title in 2014. The Saints lost to Trinity Episcopal in the VISAA Division II state title game. STAB is looking to get right back in the championship game but they'll have to do so with a somewhat thin depth chart.

Blake says, "So many of these kids are going to have to play. It's a great thing for us. The more the merrier is the way I look at it. We only have 25-kids right now...I think it's a natural thing around here. Over my years of being here, we've built a culture and that's where we want to get at the end of the year."

Despite a player shortage, there's not a shortage of talent on Saint Anne's depth chart. Particularly, at the skill positions. Senior wide receiver Kareem Johnson returns after scoring ten total touchdowns in 2014. Opposite Johnson, six-foot-three senior Jalen Harrison.

Harrison says, "Its difficult if you want to double team Kareem or myself. Because then one side is open [even though] the other side is shut down but when you have both of us working together, its very hard to stop. "

Johnson says,  "The team's really don't know who they want to stop. Who they want to use their cornerbacks on. If they have a bigger cornerback. If they have a faster cornerback."

Senior running back John Woodson says, "When I have them on the outside, its easier for me to get through the middle [and] make the cuts because everybody is so preoccupied with Jalen on the right. Kareem on the left, so it makes my job a whole lot easier."

It's clear that the goal for STAB is to win a state title. Not as clear, the quarterback position. That competition's between UVa baseball commit Bobby Nicholson and Campbell Miller. Ideally, the Saints would like to keep Miller at tight end and Nicholson under-center.

Blake says, "I don't know exactly where we are quarterback wise. I would hope that we kind of go down that road because it would be the least disruptive of all the things that we do if he could get that spot but obviously, there's still some competitive efforts going on with him [Bobby] and Campbell."

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