New Route for Proposed Pipeline Avoids Historic Area of Nelson Co.

Posted: Updated: Jul 29, 2015 03:25 PM

Media release from Dominion Virginia Power:

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC (Atlantic) has adopted a route variation for the planned interstate natural gas transmission pipeline in Nelson and Buckingham counties to avoid a historically significant area that contains historic sites and buildings and may contain prehistoric sites. The proposed variation is slightly shorter than the original proposed route and crosses fewer private lands.

The Norwood-Wingina Historic District in Nelson County, which was once occupied by the Monacan Indian Nation and early European settlers, is proposed to be listed imminently on the Virginia Landmarks Register and nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. Through the routing process, Atlantic became aware of this possible listing and has worked to avoid the proposed Norwood-Wingina Historic District as it sought to find the best route with the least impact to the environment, historical and cultural resources.

In the May 2015 ACP Resource Report 10 pp. 130-132, Atlantic stated that the original route was 6.3 miles, all on private lands, and crossed approximately 0.8 miles of the proposed Wingina Historic District as well as 0.6 miles of conservation easements held by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

The route variation of about 6.1 miles now adopted as part of the proposed route by Atlantic avoids these areas. It will cross 1.1 miles of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries James River Wildlife Management Area in Nelson County before crossing the river. The ACP would cross other similar areas in its approximately 550-mile path from West Virginia, through Virginia and into southeastern North Carolina.

With the route variation adopted as the proposed route, the route through the district becomes the alternate in the final application for the pipeline, which is scheduled to be filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in late summer.

The Wingina District Route Variation map from Resource Report 10 is attached.

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