City Council Candidate Pushes for Monument to Madison

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Plaque with information on James Madison's work and contributions to the country. Plaque with information on James Madison's work and contributions to the country.

With Independence Day right around the corner there's a renewed push for a national monument honoring one of our Founding Fathers.

A candidate for Charlottesville City Council is among those calling for a new way to pay tribute to James Madison.

Mike Signer says Madison is the only one of our Founding Fathers not properly honored-- and that there are many reasons why he should be.

Signer wrote an essay published in Yahoo! News Friday arguing for the construction of a proper memorial to Madison in Washington, D.C.

His ideas have drawn a huge response, with more than 800 comments so far.

Right now, the memorial is just the Library of Congress's third building, which few people know much about.

Signer also wrote a biography called Becoming Madison, talking about how current lawmakers should take a page out of Madison's book.

“He's so important but we don't look to him and I think that's exactly why we should look to James Madison now at this moment in our history where Congress seems to mostly ground to a halt,” says Signer.

Signer says Charlottesville's monument of James Madison on the side of City Hall is a good start, but the city should still do more to honor him.

Signer says the idea of a new, more remarkable monument for Madison is growing in popularity.

He says four books have been written on the president just this year-- a sign of that growing popularity.

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