Truckers Join Fight Against Human Trafficking

Posted: Updated: Jun 24, 2015 04:38 PM
RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - Truckers Against Trafficking are working with the FBI to be on the lookout for anything suspicious they might see on the road.

The effort is part of a crack-down on what's often an organized and hidden crime of human trafficking.

Wednesday, the activist group displayed a tractor trailer at a public library in Henrico County. The decked-out trailer contains information about how pimps prey on people who might be vulnerable.

Even though the sale of humans is a dark issue, the message at Wednesday's event was that for victims out there watching that there is hope and help.

"That's not how I see myself today. But I understand that mentality, because that's what I used to think because of my own situation," said Tanya Street, founder of Identifiable Me.

Street is a survivor of trafficking who has become an activist in Virginia. She says bystanders shouldn't be afraid to call police if they see something unusual.

An FBI agent says that as traffickers have become more creative it's the job of police to keep up and evolve their tactics.

"Human trafficking, unfortunately, is not a new problem. It's been around for years. I think it has evolved, as many things have, and our response in law enforcement is to evolve with that threat," said Robert Hilland, FBI supervisory special agent.

Hilland believes that with more eyes and ears on the road that could spot someone being transported for trafficking, then it can help save a victim.

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